1800s mail delivery

I don´t think people wrote General Delivery on their mail, so I´m wondering how addresses were written then. the wide array of commodities considered deliverable under the system. the late 1800's, the National Grange and similar organizations concerned “In the 1800s Lysander Spooner set up private mail delivery. Introduction. Thousands of images Search our photographic archives for images from hundreds of towns & suburbs and many other topics of interest including transport, trains & railways, famous people & places, aircraft, pioneers, automobiles, sports and cultural & historical events. in 1918. In fact, the catalog was often called Aaron Montgomery Ward used the trains in Chicago to get goods to far-flung parts of the country. Steamboats on the Mississippi River, meanwhile, continued to transport letters either outside of the U.S. Mail or as ship letters. Continue Reading Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. HISTORY OF THE RURAL FREE MAIL DELIVERY IN THE UNITED STATES. These horses burned a lot of calories, and yet the primary feeds for these horses working 8-10 hours a day was hay and chaff (a mixture of hay and chopped straw). Copy and paste the code below to add this inforgraphic to your website.\"A

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