Getting a Job is Tough Enough.
Try Getting One When You Are Still On Probation

 Employers everywhere want to know who is working for them. Probation records are easy to find and companies know it. Instead, remove the probation problem entirely by getting off probation.

We know the keys to getting our clients off probation early. We know how to present your case in the best light and convince judges that you have completed all conditions of probation.

Even if you got a job, companies check their employees all the time. It is much easier to explain that probation has been terminated and that you are free, than to lie and make some excuse that is not going to help your situation.

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For more than 20 years we have sealed and expunged criminal arrest records. We use that expertise and know-how to see that our client's cases are professionally handled with great care.


Probation must be successfully completed before we can begin to Seal your case. Please tell us right away if you are still on probation. We may be able to assist you in convincing the court to terminate your probation. Many judges will terminate probation early with a properly filed motion. Did you violate probation? You may still qualify to have your case Sealed if the judge withheld adjudication. Don’t wait until your probation term has run, call us today (813) 254-9205 or contact us and find out for sure.

Probation Must Be Completed Before Your Record Can Be Sealed.

Still on probation?  We may be able to get you off early.

  • There is a Legal Process That Erases Criminal Arrest Records

    It’s called seal/expunging a criminal history. When your record is sealed or expunged, you can answer “no” to being arrested on bank loan applications.

  • Florida Law Allows Persons Whose Record Was Sealed or Expunged to Deny Having a Criminal Record.

    That means you can legally deny being arrested. You can literally ERASE YOUR CASE.

Erasing your arrest record can begin as soon as probation ends.

Take Our Instant Eligibility Test to Find Out If You Qualify...

First Pass Eligibility Test