Parents: You Can Take Away That Criminal Arrest Record Hanging Over Your Child's Head

The new reality is that your child’s reputation and future may be defined by what people will see about them. Even a juvenile criminal arrest record may not be an invisible figment of their past.

It means anyone, including future employers, can pull up your child’s arrest booking photo and see all kinds of information relating to their criminal record.

Give your child a fighting chance. Protect their future today by erasing their criminal arrest record.

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For more than 20 years we have sealed and expunged criminal arrest records. We use that expertise and know-how to see that our client's cases are professionally handled with great care.


Did your child successfully complete a Florida juvenile diversion program?

Then you need to know that time may be running out to erase your child’s juvenile arrest history.

Effective July 1, 2013, Florida law states that an application to expunge a juvenile diversion record must be submitted within 12 months of completion of the diversion program.

Employment Background Checks Are a Fact of Life
Your Child Will Have To Deal With Down The Road

Don’t Leave Your Child To A Lifetime Of Having To Explain Away Their Arrest In Every Job Interview They Ever Have.

  • There is a Legal Process That Erases Criminal Arrest Records

    It’s called seal/expunging a criminal history. When your record is sealed or expunged, you can answer “no” to being arrested on bank loan applications.

  • Florida Law Allows Persons Whose Record Was Sealed or Expunged to Deny Having a Criminal Record.

    That means you can legally deny being arrested. You can literally ERASE YOUR CASE.

Don’t Try To Explain Your Child's Arrest Record To Others

Instead, remove it entirely from the discussion by Sealing/Expunging your criminal arrest record history.

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