About Us

Over 70 million Americans have either been arrested or have some kind of criminal record. They are painfully and constantly reminded of their past mistakes every day of their lives.

Realistically, people with arrest records have been unfairly branded with a “life sentence” of exclusion, denial, rejection and humiliation.

Who are these people? They are your family members, your friends, your classmates, your neighbors, and even you.

The politicians got it wrong when they created these laws. We are not wealthier; we are not safer, and our policies are not vindicated when millions of our people are shut out of meaningful employment, denied mortgages, credit and housing, rejected from colleges and graduate programs, prevented from volunteering and helping others, and snubbed socially because their arrest record is plastered all over the internet.

It is now plainly evident to intelligent people of all political persuasions that our society can never truly flourish when we have effectively banished ¼ of our population to an economic and social underclass.

Our communities become stronger, healthier places only after we remove these harmful barriers of opportunity and lift up the lives of good people in need. If we can’t get our politicians to pass legislation to automatically remove criminal arrest records of people whose cases are dropped or dismissed, then we need to do everything in our means to give good people a chance to erase their criminal arrest history.

We hope you will take a close look at what we do to provide essential and meaningful assistance to our clients. We adhere to the core values and beliefs that all of us have a civic duty to be better Americans. To maintain that obligation, this firm will continue to work doggedly and diligently to promote the public welfare, one client at a time.

For more than 20 years we have sealed and expunged criminal arrest records. We use that expertise and know-how to see that our client's cases are professionally handled with great care.