Job Interviews Are Tough Even Without Having An Arrest Record

Just because you were arrested in the past doesn’t mean your future employer needs to know about it.

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For more than 20 years we have sealed and expunged criminal arrest records. We use that expertise and know-how to see that our client's cases are professionally handled with great care.


Florida criminal history records are open to the public unless the case is Sealed or Expunged.

It means anyone, including employers, can pull up your arrest booking photo and see all kinds of information relating to your criminal record.

Getting a good job has never been more difficult.

So give yourself a fighting chance. Do you want your most painful and embarrassing episode to ruin your job prospects?


Employment Background Checks Are a Fact of Life

Highly qualified people are denied great jobs every day because of their criminal arrest history.

  • There is a Legal Process That Erases Criminal Arrest Records

    It’s called seal/expunging a criminal history. When your record is sealed or expunged, you can answer “no” to being arrested on job applications.

  • Florida Law Allows Persons Whose Record Was Sealed or Expunged to Deny Having a Criminal Record.

    That means you can legally deny being arrested. You can literally ERASE YOUR CASE.

Don’t Try to Explain Away Your Arrest in a Job Interview

Instead, remove it entirely from the discussion by Sealing/Expunging your criminal arrest record history.

Take Our Instant Eligibility Test to Find Out If You Qualify...

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